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Aviation: Flight report - British Airways to Madrid

Tyler McDowell samples the First Class cabin on a British Airways Boeing 777-300/ER during a short hop to Madrid.

Since Alex Cruz came to the helm of British Airways in 2016, he hasn't had a lot of good publicity. The change on short-haul flights from being a full-service carrier to a low-cost model resulted in a backlash from frequent flyers and mainstream news media. Alongside that were teething problems with the quantity of food presenting staff with difficulties on some flights regarding enough for all passengers. Then a company-wide computer system issue caused a massive headache for operations and led to days of bad press. Cabin crew disputes also meant One World alliance partner Qatar Airways leasing 10 Airbus A320s to cover the shortfall over the time the dispute lasted.

Despite the fact that the company has had to overcome some difficulties in recent years, it's time to cut British Airways and Mr Cruz some slack. The carrier is, after all, not only the UK’s national airline but it is, when one comes right down to it, a fine air transport institution, with dedicated, hard-working crews (both in the air and on the ground), who are extremely well-trained and highly capable.