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Aviation: Manchester Airport's private terminal

Manchester Airport will become the first in the UK to have a dedicated private terminal for passengers travelling on scheduled services when it opens its PremiAir facility later this year. Manchester Airport Group (MAG), operators of the airport in northwest England, says that the facility will cater to both outbound and inbound passengers. PremiAir will be available to passengers for a fee regardless of class of travel or airline.

Customers will be able to opt for a Priority package, which MAG claims will offers the fastest and most efficient way to depart from the airport. It will offer customers an opportunity to relax and dine in a lounge, before a luxury, private transfer to an aircraft.

Arriving passengers will be transferred directly to the facility, and will then pass through private transfer to passport control and customs. They will be able to use an exclusive lounge where their baggage will be returned.

Andrew Harrison, Manchester Airports Group (MAG) Airport Services Chief Executive , commented: "By introducing Premiair, we’re offering something unique for all of our passengers, and creating a completely new way to travel. A large number of customers have been telling us they would be interested in for some time."

The PremiAir building is currently under construction on land that was previously used by the Runway Visitor Centre, which has seen its footprint reduced in size.

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