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The Big Change

It is not generally a good habit for news outlets –print, broadcast or online – to attempt to unduly influence people’s thinking or to try and otherwise induce a change to the political party people vote for or for that matter, who the party’s leader (and thus Prime Minister) is.

However, there comes a point at which one has to look at things and voice an opinion. Prime Minister Theresa May has been widely admired for her dogged determination to see the withdrawal agreement between the UK and the EU through the parliamentary process. That it has not is solely due to the pathetic, self-serving and undemocratic behaviour of MPs, on both sides.

That behaviour has seen the UK stay in the EU even though a majority of those who voted in June 2016 voted to leave. For how long remains to be seen and it is a fact that the possibility now exists that the will of the majority is to be ignored and the UK will never leave the EU. Not only that but with the UK having so many needs to address (knife crime being just one), the posing and posturing by MPs is nothing short of a national scandal. The House of Commons and its occupants have shown themselves to be against the people and they must therefore be dismissed and dismissed in disgrace.

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