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Politics: The Great Betrayal

April 1, 2019; The United Kingdom left the European Union…oh…wait - it hasn’t. As I predicted last December, the UK did not leave on March 29.

And it is why I voted ‘Leave’ in June 2016.

I did not cast my vote in favour of the UK leaving the EU because of ‘immigration’. I did not vote the way I did due to Polish supermarkets opening in various towns and cities up and down the UK. I did not vote to leave because of the European Court of Justice. I did not vote to leave for any of the oft-quoted reasons except one: I voted to leave because I did not want to be ruled by an unelected cabal of self-appointed bureaucrats based in another country.

That is what the European Commission is – an unelected cabal. It is the European Commission, where you will find Messrs Juncker and Tusk, along with Martyn Selmayr and others, none of whom gained their highly-paid and influential positions via the ballot box, holding sway over European Law, subjugate countries’ law and what supposedly free citizens are allowed to do, how allegedly free people live their lives.

The failure of the UK to leave on March 29 is par-for-the course; it has happened before. So-called ‘People’s Votes’ over EU matters have been held in a number of countries and each time, the result has not been favourable to the EU. There are thus ‘new’ votes, held to gain the ‘right’ result - just as there is call for a second referendum in the UK. The result of the 2016 UK referendum resulted in a majority that was not favourable to the EU. Hence, the UK has not left. We are stuck. And stuck we shall stay – until we agree to do the same and remain.

That is not democracy. However you dress it up, however you might argue otherwise, however you may try to disguise it, the fact that the UK is still a member of the EU today means that democracy has been betrayed. It has been betrayed by the EU’s unelected officials. It has been betrayed by Gina Miller, who caused the present parliamentary difficulties by her court action (action she took because she had the cash to do so, unlike ordinary people who do not). Democracy has been betrayed by our own elected MPs, most of whom want the UK to stay in the EU and who have acted accordingly. And it has been betrayed by the minority of UK citizens who have actively pursued a campaign to overturn the referendum result.

One cannot overturn or ignore a democratic result. One can however, mount a campaign to change it when the next opportunity arises. Had all those people who voted to remain campaigned to rejoin the EU after departure, it would have been a different matter; that again, is democracy. The fact however, is that a majority of those who voted, voted to leave. So leave the UK must.

Let’s take a look at some figures from the 2016 referendum:

By votes:

17.4M leave v 16.1M remain

By constituency:

406 leave v 242 remain

By MP:

160 leave V 486 remain

The result is not in question – so why is the UK still in the EU? It is so because it is our MP's who are the question. This is why I wrote in my previous article that all 650 of them must go. It is why I have written previously that new candidates must not be ‘career’ politicians, who have never held any job outside politics. It is why candidates must have spent at least twenty years doing ordinary work, getting their hands dirty and having to fret over how to pay the next set of bills (bills that continue to spiral beyond the means of many to pay them by the way, because if the inadequacies of present MPs).

There is by the way, as a direct consequence of the pressing need to find new candidates, no point in having a general election at any time in the immediate future.

This being so, there are only two realistic courses of action open to the United Kingdom. The first is not an option at all and it is to revoke Article 50 and stay in the EU for as long as it takes to replace the current set of MPs with people who really will represent the people. This of course, will please the minority – and it will still be a betrayal of democracy. The second is to reach a new agreement with the EU.

This however, requires two things; the first for a complete change of attitude from the EU. The negotiating must be done only by country’s leaders, not unelected officials with their snouts deep in the limitless trough of taxpayer’s cash. Take those unelected bureaucrats out of the picture and a different scenario arises as Prime Ministers and Presidents can be removed (and often are) when they mess up.

This means the second factor; that of accepting that, although the UK will not be a member of the EU, a close relationship must exist between the two. It means that ‘a’ customs union of some kind must exist – not necessarily ‘the’ customs union, but some kind of arrangement that allows tariff and tax-free movement of goods and business between the two as well as allowing the UK to present its own tariffs and taxes should the need be there. It means the UK being free to make its own trade arrangements. It means that no restrictions on travel between the UK and the EU will be in place, with one important proviso – you need a passport. Just as you do now since the UK is not a member of the Schengen Agreement…(just a thought). It means that the UK will provide healthcare to EU citizens and the EU will reciprocate.

It means that the UK will be invited to participate in EU projects and ideas if it will be of benefit to both and if that is the case, then naturally the UK will pay its fair share of the costs. It means that our citizens will be free to live and work in both the UK and the EU provided they either have a job to go to or are of independent finances. It means that the rights of all citizens will be upheld and in all respects. It means that ordinary people must and will be heard.

It does not mean that the UK has to follow the EU’s rules; it means only that the UK will choose to accept an invitation to play a role alongside the EU and as an equal partner – not as a cowed, beaten and submissive region of a European superstate.

That is why I voted – along with over 17 million others – to leave.

© Kevan James 2019

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