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Are MPs as secure as they think?

Following last night’s vote in the House of Commons and the second rejection of the Government’s Withdrawal Agreement from the EU, the next two days will determine whether or not the decision of a majority of the British people to leave the European Union is honoured or not.

Regardless of the eventual outcome – the UK leaves at the end of this month, delays its departure or doesn’t depart at all – one thing has become very clear since the referendum over the country’s EU membership in 2016; a significant number of the people’s representatives have lost the trust of those who elected them and gave them their jobs of running the UK.

Put another way, MPs may think that they are in charge. They are not – the people of the UK are and what the people give, the people can take away.

Amidst calls (particularly from Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour) for a general election, there is a growing feeling that whenever that may come, many people will not vote, so disgusted are they by the behaviour of those now occupying the House of Commons. Not voting however is, in this day and age, extremely dangerous for it may lead to a government that will prove to be the most oppressive in this country’s history.

It would be far wiser, and far more beneficial nationwide for a significant number of those 650 members of our parliament (indeed in our view, a majority of them) to be deselected and replaced by people who will undertake to represent the wishes of the people of the UK. Should that be the case, perhaps the House of Commons will truly be what its name suggests it is supposed to be.

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