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737MAX: Ground or not to ground?

The fallout from the tragic crash of an Ethiopian Airlines three months old Boeing 737-8MAX continues to divide opinion over whether the type is safe or not. The loss of flight ET302 on March 10 resulted in the death of all 157 passengers and crew on board. It followed the crash of Lion Air flight 610 four and a half months earlier, in which 189 passengers lost their lives. Observers noted some similarities between the two flights, with both accidents taking place shortly after departure and both trajectories appearing to be erratic based on un-verified data recordings from With the new MCAS - Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System - Boeing installed on the 737MAX to counter aerodynamic deficiencies being implicated as a factor in the loss of Lion Air 610 (see KJM Today November 19, 2018 - Flying Blind), there is no shortage of 'experts' calling for the type to be grounded.

Indeed, a significant number of aviation authorities and airlines have grounded the 737MAX, possibly until such a time as the details of what happened to ET302 start to emerge.

Countries / operators that have grounded Boeing 737MAX aircraft include:

  • Argentina (5)

  • Australia (0)

  • Brazil (7)

  • Cayman Islands (2)

  • China (96)

  • Ethiopia (4)

  • Fiji (2)

  • Indonesia (13)

  • Korea (2)

  • Malaysia (0)

  • Mexico (6)

  • Mongolia (1)

  • Morocco (2)

  • Norway (18)

  • Oman (5)

  • Singapore (5)

  • South Africa (1)

  • United Kingdom (5)