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Bladed Britain

Recent news regarding yet more stabbings on the streets of Britain show that knife crime is increasing. It is yet another example of how clueless our politicians have become that this should be so. They simply do not know what to do.

Yet it is also an example of the rabid political correctness that has infested the UK for some years, a country where it is now unacceptable to say and do certain things, many of which are directly concerned with how young people are brought up. That includes parents, a number of whom seem to be as unaware of anything as politicians are.

The result is that, for all the good things brought about by modern day life, there are too many people who simply do not have a concept of right and wrong, good from bad – too many who lack any kind of moral compass.

It has become too easy to blame social media for everything. While the internet carries some responsibility, it is, as we have said before, primarily those who post material on it that are to blame. And it is the nanny state’s continual assault on the ability of people to make up their own mind and take responsibility for themselves that has eroded our ability to lead lawful lives.

Until we as a nation do accept our share of that responsibility, young people, more mature people and all those in between will continue to be at risk.

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