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Lurching From One Crisis To Another

Amidst all the continuing nonsense of posturing politicians posing over Brexit, as we have said before, there are other matters of great importance with regard to running the country, matters that are either being ignored or swept under a carpet somewhere.

It seems all the more remarkable therefore that last Thursday, MPs spent time in the House of Commons debating a new law that makes eating dog meat illegal – when nobody in the UK does it anyway and it is already illegal to sell dog meat for consumption and it is already illegal to slaughter dogs for the purpose of consumption.

One of those other things that are thus being overlooked is news this weekend that in many areas of the country, there are not enough Doctors to cover out-of-hours home visits. In Shropshire for example, a single GP is having to cover night-time home visits for a population of half a million people. In Kent on one night recently there were only two doctors to look after 1.4 million patients.

We already know that the GP system is in crisis – there are not enough GPs to go around as it is, yet with a Government that is paralysed over Brexit, is it not time to focus the minds of our MPs on the job they were elected to do, which is to run the country on our behalf? Including sorting out the mess that is now the NHS.

It is also worth pointing out that the present difficulties stem from the contract brought in by the last Labour Government in 2004 that allowed GPs to opt out of responsibility for evenings and weekends. No, not the wicked Tories – Labour.

Granted the Conservatives have had eight years to do something about it but it is yet another example of how our so-called politicians are completely incapable of doing what they should be doing and what taxpayers pay them to do.

Is it not time to find ourselves Members of Parliament who can actually do their jobs?

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