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Aviation: An airline seat of the future

​Could this be the airline seat of the future? Design studio LAYER has worked with Airbus on a concept for a new short- to mid-haul economy class seat. The firm says Move is a prototype that utilises smart textiles and technology to improve customer experience.

The seats are made from lightweight polyester wrapped around an aluminium frame. Electrical currents running through the digitally-knitted cover enables passengers to control tension, pressure, temperature and movement. Settings can be adjusted using an App which will enable passengers to select modes that include massage, mealtime and sleep. LAYER claims the App will also analyse data and automatically adjust to maintain optimal ergonomic comfort throughout a journey.

The seat also includes a rotating fold-out in-flight entertainment system, a charging point for mobile devices and a table.

London-based LAYER says Move's lightweight, adaptable structure will reduce weight resulting in significant fuel savings and a greener approach to flying. The concept is the result of research program conducted with Airbus that highlights and solve one of the "pain points" of flying. At present it remains just a prototype.

LAYER's founder Benjamin Hubert said: "We were excited to take on this project with Airbus to find ways to improve and add value to the economy class experience - for both the passenger and the airline."

Text © The Aviation Oracle; images © LAYER

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