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News: Air Premia chooses 787s

Air Premia has selected the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner as part of its start up plans. The Korean hybrid carrier will take three aircraft on lease in 2020, and two more the year after. The firm plans to have ten aircraft in service within five years, and intends to offer “differentiated” routes and comfortable seating at low-cost carrier prices.

Former Jeju Air president Kim Jeong Cheol is behind the company. He stated that the airline will offer premium economy at half the fares of full-service carriers, while economy be 80-90% lower than current unrestricted ticket prices.

Air Premia has selected the Boeing 787-9 for its initial fleet. (Air Premia)

Seats in the premium economy are likely to have a pitch of around 42", while economy is proposed to be 35".

Air Premia completed a $33m rights issue last year, taking it past the 30bn won (US$ 28million) the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport require any new airline to raise before it will grant approval to operate. An application for a license was submitted in December and a ruling is expected this month.

Long-haul services from Seoul to Los Angeles and the San Francisco bay area on the US west coast are expected to begin during the autumn of 2020 with Cairns, Honolulu, Munich and Vancouver to follow at a later date.

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