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Editorial: The Failure of Government Part Two

As January goes, February arrives and with it, across the UK and other parts of the Northern hemisphere, snow arrives, with all the disruption that it usually causes - despite the fact that it snows regularly, whenever it does, the UK is always, always, always ‘caught by surprise’, or it is ‘the wrong kind of snow’.

Not only that but with only two months before the UK is supposed to leave the EU, MPS are moaning that their half-term recess holidays are in jeopardy as they might have to cancel their skiing trips instead of doing the job they are paid to do and running the country. Including dealing with Brexit.

Having tried (and are still trying) to defy the majority vote, MPs now want to have some time off, at a time when ordinary people are still going to work and living their everyday lives. Why do they want to go to Europe for snow when there is plenty here in their own country? Perhaps this might explain their disinclination to leave the EU.

Whatever the reason, MPs have a duty and a responsibility to the people of the UK. Once more they are failing miserably. It is time for many sitting MPs to go.

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