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A deal done – or another smokescreen?

Last night’s series of Parliamentary votes appear to have, at long last, brought a dose of reality and common sense to those who, thanks to the people, have their jobs in Parliament to start with. It’s about time.

However, there are still things to do, most importantly to persuade the EU to give some ground on the question of the Irish backstop. Did the EU really expect the UK to simply give away to it, a part of its country? That is what the backstop – if it were to happen – effectively does. It is still the view of KJM Today that a trade deal will be done, and one that will, as the Attorney General pointed out, ‘supersede it’ [the backstop].

First however, our own posing posturers have to stay in line and secondly, the EU’s posing posturers must come on board and do the same. Agreements can be reached, simply, effectively and quickly. If that is, those involved are willing to do so.

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