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The Failure of Government

As recently asserted by KJM Today, the UK Government and a large number of MPs (all of whom remember, were given their well-paid positions by the people of this country) has become so obsessed with naval-gazing and posturing over brexit, that most of them have signally failed to do the job they were elected to do, which is to run the country on our behalf. One of the most stark reminders of Government failure is that of the NHS.

The problems of the NHS however, are not just the fault of the Conservatives. Labour also must take its share of blame for the creaking joke that puts the salaries of the bureaucrat above and beyond helping ordinary people get better.

Politicians – none of whom have any experience of living in the real world, with absurdly high housing, food and clothing costs yet low incomes – adore posing in front of TV cameras to say how much they are doing for the NHS and how important it is, but the fact remains that for many people, accessing healthcare has become an obstacle course of management-set barriers that are designed to save money by preventing people from getting the treatment they need.

Politicians often say that the NHS is ‘The envy of the world’. If that is so, then why has nobody copied it?

It is time to remove the cash-consuming CEO along with the layers of Senior Management from the NHS, and take control of it away of the out-of-touch panjandrums in the House of Commons and return it to the people it is supposed to help.

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