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Where Authority Should Be

One of the most disturbing elements to the on-going problems with the behaviour of some MPs currently is what has been termed ‘A very British coup’; the grab for power over Brexit.

The Government of the United Kingdom is created by the political party that wins the most seats in the House of Commons at a general election. An obvious statement and one that everybody is familiar with. Those who make up the Ministers of Government do however, come from a very singular source; that of the Prime Minister (the PM), who is the leader of the winning party. Again an obvious statement and, yet again, one that most people will be aware of.

Which MPs become a member of the government is entirely within the gift of the Prime Minister but until a governmental position is granted, MPs remain just that – Members of Parliament. MPs are not however, the Government.

The right to run the country lies solely with those MPs that are invited to do so by the PM. Yet we now have a situation where a group of MPs have determined that they should have the power to oversee what happens with Brexit. Not the government – just this group of MPs. All of these MPs want to defy the result of the referendum that decided the UK must leave the EU

The curious part to this is that, should there be a snap general election, quite a number of these very same MPs are very seriously subject to de-selection by their constituencies. Indeed, that call grows ever louder with each passing day. In this instance, where do they go to propagate their naked grab for power?

This move by those MPs involved in it is one of the most disgraceful episodes in the history of the country and must be resisted at all costs. Once they have been defeated – as they surely must be – these self-serving and wretched individuals must never again be allowed anywhere near the Palace of Westminster, or for that matter, any position involving power over the people of the United Kingdom.

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