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'The' Vote

We here at KJM Today are an eclectic group; we have differing views and opinions on most things but it doesn’t stop us working together to present readers with something of interest to read or look at. Neither will the differences we have stop us from providing a platform for people to air their own views, regardless of who they are, how old they may be or from where they may come. All we ask is that those views are presented rationally and reasonably.

What a pity therefore that the UK’s parliamentarians cannot do the same.

Tomorrow is the day upon which they will hold a vote on the Withdrawal Agreement that governs the departure of the UK from the EU. It is not a perfect agreement. It has flaws – but all it does is set out the terms under which the UK leaves. It is not a trade deal, it is not a deal that sets out how the UK does business with the EU or how people move from one to the other. It is just a withdrawal agreement.

KJM Today has an official stance; even though all our staff and contributors may not agree with it. Some do, some don’t but that’s life. We believe however, that the WA must be voted through Parliament tomorrow. If it is then the UK departs from membership of the EU in an orderly and structured way.

Then, and only then, can we concern ourselves with a Trade Deal. As UK citizens, we then instruct our MPs to stop posturing and get on with making that deal. Once done (and it doesn’t have to take that long) the Irish Border will not be an issue.

The backstop will not happen.

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