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Friday January 4, 2018

As most of us stumble back to work this week - and for some, next Monday, having been able to take the entire festive period off - spare a thought for those who did not have that particular luxury.

At one point in the past, the break over this time of year was limited to Christmas Day itself. Boxing Day and New Year’s Day were just days like any other, days when everybody went to work. The idea that at least two (and sometimes three) weeks could be an annual break has its roots in the practicality of industry; it made little sense for a factory to shut down operations for Christmas Day and Boxing Day, reopen and then close down again for New Year, plus any weekend that fell conveniently enough to necessitate remaining closed in between the two. That thinking has been extended over recent decades until today, the Christmas and New Year break begins on the nearest Friday to Christmas Eve and goes on until the first Monday after New Year’s Day.

Unless you work in essential emergency services, retail, travel or some other industry that means demand is such you work throughout.

So give some thought and thanks to those who provide you with what you need or merely want. They are at work while you get a little extra holiday time.

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