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Aviation: Monarch Aircraft Engineering in administration

Monarch Aircraft Engineering Limited (MAEL), the last vestige the UK carrier Monarch Airlines which collapsed in 2017, has been put into administration. KPMG has described the business as "unsustainable in its current form" and as a result more than 400 jobs are likely to be lost.

Monarch Airlines started operating in the late 1960s, and its engineering division had a legacy founded on providing high-quality support services not only to the airline's own fleet, but also to other airlines across the globe. After the airline closed down a more than two years ago, MAEL continued as a stand-alone entity providing repair, overhaul and support services to UK and overseas airlines. It operated from hangars and Luton and Birmingham airports, and ran line maintenance operations at Birmingham, East Midlands, London Gatwick, Glasgow, Luton and Newcastle. It also provided fleet support and training academy services.

Monarch Aircraft Engineering has been placed into administration with the loss of more than 400 jobs. (MAEL)

David Pike, restructuring partner at KPMG, said: "Following the administration of other Monarch entities in 2017, MAEL sought to build its customer base to replace the loss of business from the former airline... however, the company inherited significant debts and claims. Every effort has been made to turn around the business, including launching a CVA which sought to resolve these legacy debts. Unfortunately, following the CVA, a number of customers reduced or sought to terminate their relationship with MAEL, further adversely impacting the business."

The Aviation Oracle laments the passing of the MAEL, which has been one of the most respected names in aircraft maintenance for five decades The firm's hangars are assets that will likely find buyers while some of the employees have already been transferred to other aircraft maintenance providers. Hopefully the rest of the staff will also find further employment in the near future.

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