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Social Affairs: The Power of the Written Word

My presence on KJM Today has, it seems, been remarked upon by some, and the question asked, why am I doing this, why am I contributing to this publication?

There are a number of reasons. One of them is that having previously contacted ‘Student Voices’, I was turned down. One of their reasons was that I did not word my comments the way they wanted and my spelling needed some work.

It probably does. Alright, I hold my hands up, it could be better and so could my grammar. Then, having come across KJM Today via Twitter (people can meet in the strangest places sometimes) and began to communicate, I was asked to write an article. Having done so, I submitted it and it went through an editing process, like every submission to every newspaper and magazine does, both digital and online.

But KJM Today has given me a chance.

As I have said before, I get quite a bit of help from what are now my colleagues here but no other website or publisher is giving teenagers a voice like KJM Today is prepared to.

That’s why I am contributing and what makes it so worthwhile, apart from the opportunity obviously, is that there is no fake news here. Nothing is ‘bigged up’ and I am getting the opportunity to have a say over events that concern not only me, but things that might also concern other young people - how what the government of today does, actions it takes that will have an impact on the future for me and my generation, like the threat to the countryside for example.

So anybody who is around my kind of age, or even those who are a little older, and who have something to say on what goes on in today’s UK and for that matter, in today’s world as well, drop a message to KJM Today.

They will do something not many others do. They will listen.

And Another Thing…May Bounces Back (again!)

One of the advantages of the leeway (pun intended!) I get is that now and again, things happen that may not require a full length article but do warrant commenting on more briefly.

I have not, up to now, been a fan of the Prime Minister and have presented some criticism of Theresa May many times, as have a large number of others. However, for reasons we have already commented on, she has lost the faith of some in her party, which is why, even though she has survived a vote of no confidence, has publicly stated that she will not lead the Conservatives into the next scheduled general election.

I have to pause for a moment and confess to getting something slightly wrong in my previous article regarding this, when I remarked that I would not be able to vote as I would still be too young. This in fact, is not true, provided it is held in 2022. I will of course, be twenty years old by then, or at be least close to it, so I will in fact be able to put my mark on a ballot paper like everybody else. Unless there is a snap election held anytime before the middle of 2020.

So returning to the Prime Minister, it has to be said that she is still battling away. She is strong-minded and obviously doesn’t give in easily. I don’t agree with her on the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, or her Chequers deal, but you have to admire her willingness to fight on. It almost makes me wish she was my MP.

The question is; will she deliver Brexit? We can only take her at word and the answer us yes, she will. She has said so. The Prime Minister does however, need to find some additional muscle to push back at the unelected bureaucracy of the European Union and say, enough is enough. The UK will not be divided by a border between Northern Ireland, temporarily or otherwise and the result of the referendum, won by a slim majority but a majority even so, will be respected.

Once the UK has left the EU, then the Conservatives can look at who might become their next leader. Just as long as it is not Jacob Rees-Mogg.

© Lee Sibley 2018.

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