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Obeying Mammon – Greed or Genuine Health Help?

Kevan James

February 1, 2022.

“Just wear a mask”.

Seems like a very easy thing to say, and for some, equally easy to do – perhaps too easy.

But the phrase has been used countless times on social media as a riposte to people who, for whatever reason, have been unable to cover their faces and made that point in their posts.

With the lifting of restrictions in England, along with Ireland (although not Scotland, Wales, numerous European countries, and most certainly not Canada, New Zealand and some states in Australia), one can be forgiven for thinking life as we once knew it is finally returning. And is it?

No, not really. Despite the fine words of politicians desperately seeking popularity, many people are still wedded to the concept of covering their faces, many using cheap face masks (of which more shortly).

Despite the justified criticism, there is in fact, a role in any health situation for covering one’s nose and mouth. Many have asked what has happened to Flu over the last two years, a condition that befalls thousands every winter. Until of course, the last two, including this one - Flu has, it seems, all but vanished.

Of course it has; we haven’t been breathing, sneezing and coughing our viral loads all over each other while so many have dutifully obeyed government edicts and worn a face mask; and worn one all day, every day. At work, play and in some cases, even at rest – perhaps some even wore theirs while indulging in some night-time nookey.

But the concept of constant covering of noses and mouths is not without its own drawbacks. One of them is the risk of breathing back in all the toxins that we need to breathe out. As I have consistently pointed out, if a mask is to be truly effective, then not only must it not let anything in – it must also not let anything out. If it does, then there is little point in wearing one. This also means that all those germs and the other mucky stuff is breathed straight back in again.

Yes, we have a degree of tolerance in this respect so limited use of a mask will do a little good. The all-day use however, is not a smart move. Long-term, the use all day, every day, will lead to respiratory issues some way down the line. The use of cheap masks, mostly shown by the light-blue versions commonly on sale and seen everywhere since the summer of 2021, provide no protection of any kind – if they did, they wouldn’t be cheap. The more expensive versions will do some good however…provided they are not worn all the time.

That some limited use can be a good thing is why there have been markedly lower cases of Flu but again there is a hidden drawback; by not exposing ourselves to daily germ attack, our natural immunity is reduced. Flu will return and possibly in a big way. And the same applies to a number of other conditions.

Had all this been made clear from the start, perhaps things might have been a little different over the past two years. We will however, not know; we may never know because as sure as the Sun rises and sets, having tasted power, politicians will be falling over themselves to bring back restrictions if – when – another health situation appears to demand it. And that includes a resurgence of Flu.

We do however, have a vaccine for Flu. A well-tried and generally trusted vaccine and one that is tweaked every year in response to the ever-changing challenge presented by mutating Flu variants. Many people benefit from an annual Flu vaccine but there are some who don’t. Either because they have found it didn’t work or because they suffered some kind of adverse reaction to it. For those two simple reasons, nobody has ever been forced to have a Flu vaccine.

The same applies to every medicine. Allow me a little repetition; there has never been any medicine or drug invented that does not have an adverse reaction for somebody. That is why no medical treatment has, or can be, forced upon anybody; why nobody can be compelled to take such medicine or drug – until now.

COVID-19 turned everything we knew, everything we did, every way we did it, upside down and inside out. Every established medical procedure has been dumped before the shrine of ‘Zero-Covid’, an unattainable holy grail if there ever was one.

There are those who maintain COVID-19 has been an elaborate hoax, or at the very least, a deliberately-engineered bio-weapon, intentionally released to aid in the setting up of a new world order (see my previous commentary on this: but in this instance, the disease is still a real one, not a hoax.

For those who still say it is, we must agree to disagree. I for one do believe it is a real disease, caused by a real virus, SARS-CoV-2.

And we are still in a situation where a number of governments, both federal or national and regional, have made it law that people must have their due jabs of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Such laws were brought in without true, robust and democratic debate. Parliaments were ignored, by-passed or over-ridden in governmental haste, much the same applying to mask laws. But the imposition of such laws also ignored that one, fundamental truism of medicine; that some people can be adversely affected by a treatment that leaves most people unaffected. This is why much has been made by so-called ‘anti-vaxxers’ of deaths following one, both or all three jabs now being demanded.

But – an uncomfortable fact for the anti-vax movement; COVID-19 vaccines are not ‘death serums’ (as one Twitter user suggested). They are not poison and neither are they an instrument of mind control. What these vaccines are is a means of helping most people reduce the effects of COVID-19. Most people – but not all.

I’ll come back to that as this point raises another issue, the promises made by politicians world wide; ‘that we will have a vaccine that will eliminate COVID-19 and everything will go back to normal, the normal we once had’.

This was a lie. It was always a lie, a lie made by ignorant politicians who knew (and still know) nothing. Insulated in their political bubbles, their cosy, generous incomes (paid for by ordinary people’s taxes) protected, it was a lie that having been made, those same politicians could not row back from.

Having belted hell-for-leather into a dystopian world found previously only in fiction, where people were dragooned into meek compliance based on fear, Prime Ministers, Presidents and their governmental colleagues had dug a deep hole for themselves and none could find a way out. None had the courage to say, “We were wrong”. So the lie went on and on.

The pharmaceutical companies wanted indemnity from any legal actions over their development of vaccines – of course they did. These are companies that know fine well some people will have those adverse reactions. There is plenty of historical evidence with every single medical procedure and drug that proves this to be so. Governments gave it to them.

But ‘Big Pharma’ also needs to make money. So they demanded up-front payments to drop pretty much everything else to concentrate on the vaccines promised by politicians. Give them their due however, they delivered. We had a vaccine. And (another uncomfortable fact) the vaccine works. At least up to a point and for most people. Just not for everybody.

So coming back to that point, why are so many people either falling ill or dying after having the vaccine? The answer is really rather simple; more people in the UK and worldwide are having it, more than any other drug in history. Simple logic will tell you that there will thus be more people having those adverse reactions – including death – than from any other drug.

But still the politicians continue to lie. Still the politicians continue to issue undemocratic decrees. Still the politicians pray at the altar of Mammon, lusting greedily for the power and the money they have given themselves. And that is what most people object to.

It is not the availability of vaccines or face masks that is the problem. Most people will reason things out and, if given the truth, the right information, and due democratic processes followed, will make the right decisions, for themselves, their families and others.

We never needed the laws. We never needed the lies. We only needed the truth.

‘Big Pharma’ will carry on working at developing vaccines, to the point where one can ask the person with the syringe, “What are the possible side-effects?” and will get a truthful answer. One will be able to ask about one’s existing ailments or conditions, or even just doubts, and get a truthful answer. And that person with the needle will even say to some, “This vaccine is not for you” and the patient will not be punished for it; the patient will be able to travel, go out or do whatever they wish.

They will be able to because – and this is the biggest truth of all – most people will develop a natural immunity to COVID-19. Some will still fall ill, most won’t. Just as they do with countless other common viruses and the diseases they can cause.

But we will still need truthful politicians.

© Kevan James 2022

Image via PoliticsHome

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