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Johnson under Pressure

Home Page Opinion

November 24,2021

As hard as it may be for some to accept, Prime Minister Boris Johnson does have some admirable qualities. Chief among them, and one for which he is best known, is his ‘boosterism’. His ability to lift the spirits and advance a convincing argument that things can be better and they will.

That however, is by itself, not enough to lead a country, especially when there are distinct threats to the UK. Again to be fair, the two of most concern are not of his making and have their beginnings years ago. So it is unfair to blame it all on Boris. What is fair however is to suggest that he has had enough time for there to be clear signs that things are being dealt with. And there isn’t.

The two things bothering most people are the ongoing actions of government regarding COVID-19 and illegal immigration.

The solution to the second is not to continue handing large sums to France and expecting the French to deal with it. Illegal migrants are not France’s problem; neither however, are these migrants a British problem. They are Europe’s problem. And by Europe we mean all European countries, not just those in the EU. Illegal migrants need to be stopped at the borders through which they first try to enter, not on the channel coasts of either the UK or France – but on the other side of Europe. This is where illegal migrants need to be detained, in humane conditions, and funded by all European countries.

Europe also needs to send out a consistent and unified message; we have reached the limits of how many people can enter our countries. If you try to enter illegally, there is nothing for you in any European country - including the United Kingdom.

The other problem, that of COVID-19, is that governments continue to impose lockdowns as the disease has not gone away. That it was never going to, merely because citizens have ancient and long-established rights arbitrarily ripped away from them should be obvious.

Why then, are governments continuing to do the same things over and over again, while apparently expecting a different result each time? It is the height of folly and indeed, insanity.

Boris Johnson is under pressure now as his jolly, bouncy way of approaching things is patently not working. Whilst his handling of these two issues may be questioned, they are also not of his making. His biggest problems however, are.

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