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So What Are the Options?

A quick read through numerous social media posts appear to reveal a growing dissatisfaction with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his government. Yet at the same time, there remains strong grass-roots support for him.

So what is the reason for this apparent lack of enthusiasm? The answer is obvious; the Covid-19 (C19) pandemic and the Government’s handling of it. The Prime Minister himself is reported to have conceded that matters ‘could have been handled differently’. As we have said before however, the phenomenon of C19 has swept the world like no other before it. Like all others worldwide, the PM and his colleagues have been swimming in the dark – nobody can truly say they have known exactly what to do.

It is inevitable then, that mistakes will have been made. Such errors have, and continue to be, compounded by conflicting evidence and sensationalist coverage by most mainstream media, both print and broadcast. The most frequent example of this is the constant misuse of the word, ‘Coronavirus’. As we have repeatedly said on the pages of KJM Today, there are several different strains of Coronavirus, including the common cold.

Let’s put that another way; if you are tested for a Coronavirus and have had (or have) an ordinary cold, you will test positive. These results have already been frequent and have been used to ramp up restrictions of freedom, both within the UK and in other countries.

At some point – and soon – this lunacy must cease. The truth over C19 infections must be told. Once that happens, many of the restrictions currently in place can, and must, be removed. In the UK that includes the pernicious Coronavirus Act, which has seen the government give itself sweeping new powers (without proper parliamentary scrutiny), all of which have been used to restrict and remove the cherished freedoms we in the UK once took for granted.

As to Prime Minister Johnson, to those who now criticise him, who would take his place? Are there any other people, in any current political party, who could replace him? We don’t see any. All we see are a number of life-inexperienced wannabes who have little idea of the lives of real people.

The true test of the PM however, is yet to come. It is what happens over the next four years that will count. If Boris Johnson and his party begin to display willingness to really learn from their mistakes and most importantly, to listen to the people, he and the Conservatives may yet prove to be the most viable option at the next general election. It is up to the other parties to prove that they can do the same.

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