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Waiting For the Face Covering Laws

Later today (Tuesday July 14, 2020) we are expecting an official announcement from the UK Government that it will become mandatory to wear ‘face coverings’ in shops and stores, along with the previously announced face covering laws for public transport and elsewhere, from July 24.

Firstly, why not until that date? If the spread of Covid-19 (C19) is so deadly, why not introduce it immediately? Secondly and again if C19 is such a killer, why has such a law not been brought in sooner – especially when the ‘panicdemic’, as one might term it, was at its peak.

We choose the term quite deliberately. It still remains a fact that Flu kills more people every year than C19 has done. It is also a fact that scientific opinion is divided over the effectiveness of face coverings. Comparison has been made between the wearing of nose and mouth masks in hospital surgeries, dental surgeries and similar. But such masks are worn once, to deal with an individual patient before being disposed of and a new one used for the next patient. If they are not, then they ought to be – the reason should be obvious; to halt the spread of germs during patient treatment. Yet ordinary people are expected to wear ‘a’ mask, all day, every day. How many people have a seven-day (or more) supply of washable masks? Not many, so watch demand – and the price – go up. And up to the point where many will not be able to afford them.

Yet it doesn’t end there. One of the unspoken problems is a simple one; we breathe out toxins the body doesn’t want. We do so because these toxins are bad for us. If a face covering is to be truly effective, it will trap these toxins between the covering, the nose and mouth. We will thus re-inhale them. Illnesses of varying kinds will increase – and all will be conveniently – and untruthfully – blamed on ‘The Coronavirus’.

There is another point; not very long ago, there was a move towards banning covering faces to aid identification. Those same shops and stores where face coverings must be worn banned people from wearing motorcycle helmets as thieves used them to hide their faces. Face Coverings are the criminal’s licence to get away with crime.

If any individual wishes to wear a nose-and-mouth mask, then fine – do so. But for the many who do not want to, in a free and democratic country, the element of compulsion must not be in place. Mask Laws must not become a reality in the UK.

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