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Forget the Political Games

The media frenzy over the Prime Minister's senior adviser, Dominic Cummings, during the these past few day has been most unseemly. We do not recall the same furore arising over Labour figures doing similar things so are bound to ask, why the fuss now?

The unfortunate answer is that this has been more about playing political games rather than dealing with the more serious business of running the country and getting the UK out of the stultifying stranglehold of the Covid-19 lockdown. It also questions the motives of those creating the situation and highlights the influence mainstream media can exert on the public.

Yes we obviously understand the need to maintain readership and viewing figures - obviously we do. But that does not excuse what appears to be a clear bias against the Prime Minister, his government and those involved with it. Neither is it a reason for inaccuracy.

The government is not immune from criticism but it is fair to say that no British leadership has had to deal with something as global as the Covid-19 outbreak before. It is inevitable that the Conservatives as well as Labour will make mistakes. But those mistakes must be treated with some generosity of spirit, and not with vindictive spite, as has been the case with the Dominic Cummings affair.

The right people to look at this are Durham Police and they have concluded that there 'may' have been a minor breach of the lockdown rules but are not taking any further action.

The matter needs to be left there.

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