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Let Go the Power of the State

We welcome the news that Prime Minister Boris Johnson has returned to work and although we echo the caution expressed over Covid-19 and the effects of it, we also urge the government to begin relaxation of the restrictions brought in to stave off the spread of the infection.

Whilst it is indeed a serious matter, the lockdown’s long-term effects must also be considered. The damage being done to the country’s economic health is going to last a very long time as it is. A further clampdown on the ability of people in the UK to go about earning their living is not the way forward now.

Social distancing, limiting the numbers in shops and stores must stay and will be with us for some time to come. But there is no difference between waiting to get in to Aldi or Asda and waiting to use McDonalds or B & Q (or getting a haircut). There will be some long-term changes to the way in which the world has gone about doing things but shutting it down and keeping it so is not going to help.

We must also be extremely wary of further discriminating against people over a certain age. Bias towards older people has become established in the UK and it is a national scandal that it has. On top of that, we must also be equally wary of governments everywhere – not just in the UK – keeping power over people just because it feels nice.

Saving lives matters. Saving everything else about those lives also matters – please start easing the lockdown, Prime Minister.

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