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Vote today; think carefully but vote

Today’s general election may well be one of, if not the most important elections in living memory.

It is not for us to suggest how you should vote – that is for you to decide. We can however, point out the clear choice.

The Brexit Party will not gain enough seats to form a government. Neither will the Liberal Democrats. The SNP will, we are sure, continue to wield considerable influence in Scotland. The Greens may well retain their single MP although that is far from certain; they might even add to it. There could well be a number of independent MPs, free of any party allegiance.

But the real choice for voters today is between an indisputably flawed Conservative Party led by Boris Johnson or the far-left Marxist party that Labour has become under Jeremy Corbyn.

The UK must have a government that can govern and do so with an effective majority in the House of Commons.

There is no such thing as tactical voting – you are giving a very well-paid job to 650 people, and saying to them, you work for us, the people, and we task you with running our country for us and on our behalf. You are not however, our masters – we are yours.

The House of Commons is not the property of its members. It is the property of the people and the occupants are accountable to the people who put them in it.

We do believe that, of the two, the Conservatives are more likely to show greater accountability to the country than Labour will. It is our view that this alone is one of the most important factors to consider as you enter the polling booth.

Whatever view you may hold, it is you that must decide. It is you that must, over the next five years, hold those to whom you grant their position via your vote, to account.

But you must vote today.

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