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British Airways and the Red Cross

The airline industry is currently facing criticism (some a little unfair) over emissions and pollution but often unnoticed are the numerous good things done by airlines and the airports they fly to. British Airways is frequently on the end of negative coverage in the UK but two recent initiatives by the airline deserve the proverbial pat on the back.

Prior to the partnership with Born Free, on World Kindness Day, British Airways went into partnership with the British Red Cross to support communities in crisis. The airline and the humanitarian charity will work together over the next year to show how kindness has the power to save lives. Experiencing a house fire, flood or a similar distressing situation can have a major impact on people’s lives, and the practical and emotional assistance offered by the British Red Cross can be a vital lifeline, offering immediate care. The charity’s volunteers and staff are out in force helping those worst affected by the floods in Yorkshire and the Midlands this week.

Investment from British Airways will help ensure the British Red Cross can continue to recruit, train and support its staff and volunteers to offer its vital day-to-day emergency services in communities across the UK. The service helps people in crisis cope and recover by setting up rest centres for families affected, offering water, food, emergency shelter and necessities, as well as emotional support. As part of the new partnership, British Airways will encourage its employees to undertake their own acts of kindness, including signing up to become a British Red Cross volunteer, supporting the charity to provide practical help to their local communities when emergency strikes.

To understand the training and skills required to provide this aid, British Airways visited a crisis simulation event in Cardiff where volunteers from across South Wales gathered to train in preparation for a real-life fire incident. An emergency can happen at any time, and British Red Cross volunteers need to be ready to be travel immediately to anywhere in the UK if needed. To support the organisation’s international operations, the airline will also provide travel assistance for emergency relief workers. This helps ensure the charity can respond quickly and effectively to global emergencies. The airline will also offer support to the British Red Cross family reunification programme, which provides a safe and legal way for refugee families who have been torn