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Time to end the Slaughter

KJM today has not, at least up to now, been about running any kind of campaign but on the subject of hunting wild animals, in Africa and elsewhere, we will make a start today.

Last week we watched two videos; in the first, a lion was shot dead as it charged a group of heavily armed men with guns. The lion was possibly trying to defend its territory or perhaps wanting food. Either way, its life was brutally cut down by these men. They then spent minutes congratulating each other, plenty of handshakes and smiles as they reflected on their ‘sport’.

The second video showed another group of men shooting an elephant. Having been hit, the victim staggered but stayed on its feet. The rest of the herd then charged the men, who fled. Even a hunting rifle has difficulty stopping a charging bull elephant, so like the cowards they are, the men ran.

This is not ‘sport’. It is murder. It is the slaughter of the innocent. Wild animals are not there for members of the human species to mercilessly shoot (especially since their victims cannot shoot back).

We tire of beaming ‘hunters’ standing or sitting by a dead lion, elephant, tiger or a dead anything else. To those who use guns, you are not brave. You are not ‘sportsmen’. You are cowardly murderers.

No doubt it will take time to see if something can be done to end this abhorrent practice. Our campaign will undoubtedly not rank among the highest priority for many. Equally undoubtedly it will be difficult to promote and push.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.

Come and join us. It truly is time to end the slaughter.

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