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Aviation: London Airports update, July 2019

All information courtesy of Jim Liu –

Qatar Airways adds 777-300ER London Gatwick service in 3Q19

Qatar Airways starting today is increasing capacity on Doha – London Gatwick route, as 1 of 3 daily flight scheduled with 777-300ER aircraft, as QR327/328. Both 358 and 412-seater 777-300ER will operate this flight, from 01JUL19 to 15SEP19, replacing 787-8.

QR327 DOH0815 – 1330LGW 77W x15

QR327 DOH0830 – 1345LGW 77W 1

QR327 DOH0845 – 1400LGW 77W 5

QR328 LGW1515 – 2359DOH 77W D

British Airways Calgary aircraft changes as of 01JUL19

British Airways in recent weeks filed aircraft changes for London Heathrow – Calgary route, in summer 2020 season. From 29MAR20, 2 of 7 weekly to be operated by Boeing 787-9, switching to 3 weekly from 20MAY20. First Class cabin on Boeing 787-9 is not open for sale for Calgary market.

BA103 LHR1830 – 2025YYC 788 x357

BA103 LHR1830 – 2025YYC 789 357

BA102 YYC2215 – 1355+1LHR 788 x357

BA102 YYC2215 – 1355+1LHR 789 357

Day 3 operated by 787-8 from 29MAR29 to 16MAY20.

TUI Airways UK Muscat charter operations

TUI Airways UK in winter 2019/20 once again operates limited-time charter service to Muscat. In the second-consecutive winter season, planned operation includes the following:

London Gatwick – Muscat

TOM120 LGW0930 – 2020MCT 788 21NOV19

TOM120 LGW1200 – 2150MCT 788 16APR20

TOM121 MCT2235 – 0230+1LGW 788 21NOV19

TOM121 MCT2350 – 0445+1LGW 788 16APR20

British Airways London – Gran Canaria service changes

British Airways in winter 2019/20 season is adjusting service for London – Gran Canaria/Las Palmas route, reflected in last week’s schedule update. From 25OCT19, BA will operate 3 weekly London Gatwick – Gran Canaria/Las Palmas route, with Airbus A320 aircraft. Existing London Heathrow – Gran Canaria/Las Palmas service will be discontinued from 04NOV19.

BA2600 LGW1020 – 1440LPA 320 6

BA2600 LGW1320 – 1740LPA 320 1

BA2600 LGW1425 – 1845LPA 320 5

BA2601 LPA1535 – 1950LGW 320 6

BA2601 LPA1835 – 2300LGW 320 1

BA2601 LPA1930 – 2350LGW 320 5

British Airways Mumbai gradual service increase from Dec 2019

British Airways on Tuesday (02JUL19) adjusted London Heathrow – Mumbai service for winter 2019/20 and summer 2020 season. In winter 2019/20 season, service operates 17 weekly instead of 14, from 26DEC19 to 06FEB20 (LHR departure). BA135/134 to be operated by 4-class 777-200ER.

BA135 LHR2135 – 1210+1BOM 777 146

BA134 BOM0245 – 0725LHR 777 257

From 01MAR20, BA will increase overall service to 21 weekly, with BA135/134 operated by 787-9 with new timing. This will switch to 4-class 777-200ER from 28MAR20, the launch of summer 2020 season.

Schedule below is effective 01MAR20 – 27MAR20.

BA139 LHR0945 – 0015+1BOM 777 D

BA135 LHR1215 – 0250+1BOM 789 D

BA199 LHR2040 – 1115+1BOM 777 D

BA138 BOM0215 – 0655LHR 777 D

BA134 BOM0450 – 0930LHR 789 D

BA198 BOM1315 – 1755LHR 777 D

Schedule below is effective 28MAR20. Previously reported, BA139/138 is currently displaying 3-class 777-200ER service, replacing 787-9.

BA139 LHR1005 – 2355BOM 777 D

BA135 LHR1710 – 0700+1BOM 777 D

BA199 LHR2125 – 1110+1BOM 777 D

BA138 BOM0155 – 0705LHR 777 D

BA134 BOM0900 – 1415LHR 777 D

BA198 BOM1310 – 1825LHR 777 D

Royal Air Maroc resumes Rabat – London Gatwick route

Royal Air Maroc in winter 2019/20 season plans to resume Rabat – London Gatwick service, previously served on regular basis until September 2017 (the airline also operated one-time flight in April 2018 and April 2019). From 31OCT19, Embraer E190 aircraft will operate this route once a week.

AT804 RBA1555 – 1800LGW E90 4

AT805 LGW1900 – 2310RBA E90 4

British Airways London Gatwick – North Africa frequency changes

British Airways in winter 2019/20 season is adjusting operational frequencies for North Africa service from London Gatwick, reflected in recent schedule update. Planned frequency variations as follow.

London Gatwick – Algiers 05NOV19 – 15DEC19 Reduce from 6 to 5 weekly

London Gatwick – Marrakech eff 27OCT19 Increase from 8 weekly in W18 to 9 weekly (Except 05JAN20 – 14FEB20)

China Southern Guangzhou long-haul changes as of 03JUL19

China Southern in the last few days gradually filed operation changes for Northern winter 2019/20 season, effective from 27OCT19. The following focuses on the changes for long-haul operation out of Guangzhou. Additional changes expected in the next few weeks. Note all effective dates is based on Guangzhou departure.

Guangzhou – London Heathrow eff 27OCT19 787-9 continues to operate 1 daily, replacing previously filed 787-8

Wizz Air UK adds London – Stavanger service from mid-Sep 2019

Wizz Air UK from September 2019 plans to introduce London Luton – Stavanger service, on board Airbus A321 aircraft. Initially service operates 4 weekly from 16SEP19, reducing to 3 weekly from 28OCT19 (4 weekly also scheduled from 22DEC19 – 10JAN20).

Planned schedule from 16SEP19 to 25OCT19 as follows.

W98119 LTN1715 – 1955SVG 321 x246

W98120 SVG2030 – 2115LTN 321 x246

Separately, the airline’s new London Luton – Turku route is now sees 2 weekly A321 and 1 weekly A320, from 02JUL19 to 14SEP19. The airline previously scheduled 3 weekly A320 from 02JUL19.

Thomas Cook adds London Gatwick – Marrakech service

Thomas Cook Airlines in winter 2019/20 season plans to offer new route to Morocco, where the airline scheduled London Gatwick – Marrakech route. From 01NOV19 to 28APR20, Airbus A321 aircraft operates this route twice weekly.

MT260 LGW0600 – 1035RAK 32B 5

MT262 LGW0810 – 1245RAK 32B 2

MT261 RAK1135 – 1410LGW 32B 5

MT263 RAK1400 – 1635LGW 32B 2

Wizz Air UK W19 operation changes as of 04JUL19

Wizz Air UK (W9) in the last few weeks filed operational schedule and aircraft in the GDS and OAG, for winter 2019/20 season from 27OCT19. The following is a list of operation changes, based on comparison with winter 2018/19 season (W18) or summer 2019 (S19).

Note this list only focusing on changes to Wizz Air London UK operations, excluding Wizz Air overall service in the UK.

London Luton – Bari 2 weekly A320/321 (4 weekly A321 20DEC19 – 05JAN20; W18: A320)

London Luton – Belgrade 3 weekly A321 (4 weekly 22DEC19 – 10JAN20; W18: A320)

London Luton – Bergen 3 weekly A320 (4 weekly 22DEC19 – 10JAN20; S19: 4 weekly A321)

London Luton – Bourgas 2 weekly A321 (W18: 3 weekly A320)

London Luton – Catania 2 weekly A321 (3 weekly 19DEC19 – 07JAN20; S19: 3 weekly A320)

London Luton – Constanta 3 weekly A321 (W18: A320)