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Aviation: London Airports update, July 2019

All information courtesy of Jim Liu –

Qatar Airways adds 777-300ER London Gatwick service in 3Q19

Qatar Airways starting today is increasing capacity on Doha – London Gatwick route, as 1 of 3 daily flight scheduled with 777-300ER aircraft, as QR327/328. Both 358 and 412-seater 777-300ER will operate this flight, from 01JUL19 to 15SEP19, replacing 787-8.

QR327 DOH0815 – 1330LGW 77W x15

QR327 DOH0830 – 1345LGW 77W 1

QR327 DOH0845 – 1400LGW 77W 5

QR328 LGW1515 – 2359DOH 77W D

British Airways Calgary aircraft changes as of 01JUL19

British Airways in recent weeks filed aircraft changes for London Heathrow – Calgary route, in summer 2020 season. From 29MAR20, 2 of 7 weekly to be operated by Boeing 787-9, switching to 3 weekly from 20MAY20. First Class cabin on Boeing 787-9 is not open for sale for Calgary market.

BA103 LHR1830 – 2025YYC 788 x357

BA103 LHR1830 – 2025YYC 789 357

BA102 YYC2215 – 1355+1LHR 788 x357

BA102 YYC2215 – 1355+1LHR 789 357

Day 3 operated by 787-8 from 29MAR29 to 16MAY20.

TUI Airways UK Muscat charter operations

TUI Airways UK in winter 2019/20 once again operates limited-time charter service to Muscat. In the second-consecutive winter season, planned operation includes the following:

London Gatwick – Muscat

TOM120 LGW0930 – 2020MCT 788 21NOV19

TOM120 LGW1200 – 2150MCT 788 16APR20

TOM121 MCT2235 – 0230+1LGW 788 21NOV19

TOM121 MCT2350 – 0445+1LGW 788 16APR20

British Airways London – Gran Canaria service changes

British Airways in winter 2019/20 season is adjusting service for London – Gran Canaria/Las Palmas route, reflected in last week’s schedule update. From 25OCT19, BA will operate 3 weekly London Gatwick – Gran Canaria/Las Palmas route, with Airbus A320 aircraft. Existing London Heathrow – Gran Canaria/Las Palmas service will be discontinued from 04NOV19.

BA2600 LGW1020 – 1440LPA 320 6

BA2600 LGW1320 – 1740LPA 320 1

BA2600 LGW1425 – 1845LPA 320 5

BA2601 LPA1535 – 1950LGW 320 6

BA2601 LPA1835 – 2300LGW 320 1

BA2601 LPA1930 – 2350LGW 320 5

British Airways Mumbai gradual service increase from Dec 2019

British Airways on Tuesday (02JUL19) adjusted London Heathrow – Mumbai service for winter 2019/20 and summer 2020 season. In winter 2019/20 season, service operates 17 weekly instead of 14, from 26DEC19 to 06FEB20 (LHR departure). BA135/134 to be operated by 4-class 777-200ER.

BA135 LHR2135 – 1210+1BOM 777 146

BA134 BOM0245 – 0725LHR 777 257

From 01MAR20, BA will increase overall service to 21 weekly, with BA135/134 operated by 787-9 with new timing. This will switch to 4-class 777-200ER from 28MAR20, the launch of summer 2020 season.

Schedule below is effective 01MAR20 – 27MAR20.

BA139 LHR0945 – 0015+1BOM 777 D

BA135 LHR1215 – 0250+1BOM 789 D

BA199 LHR2040 – 1115+1BOM 777 D

BA138 BOM0215 – 0655LHR 777 D

BA134 BOM0450 – 0930LHR 789 D

BA198 BOM1315 – 1755LHR 777 D

Schedule below is effective 28MAR20. Previously reported, BA139/138 is currently displaying 3-class 777-200ER service, replacing 787-9.

BA139 LHR1005 – 2355BOM 777 D

BA135 LHR1710 – 0700+1BOM 777 D

BA199 LHR2125 – 1110+1BOM 777 D

BA138 BOM0155 – 0705LHR 777 D

BA134 BOM0900 – 1415LHR 777 D

BA198 BOM1310 – 1825LHR 777 D

Royal Air Maroc resumes Rabat – London Gatwick route

Royal Air Maroc in winter 2019/20 season plans to resume Rabat – London Gatwick service, previously served on regular basis until September 2017 (the airline also operated one-time flight in April 2018 and April 2019). From 31OCT19, Embraer E190 aircraft will operate this route once a week.

AT804 RBA1555 – 1800LGW E90 4

AT805 LGW1900 – 2310RBA E90 4

British Airways London Gatwick – North Africa frequency changes

British Airways in winter 2019/20 season is adjusting operational frequencies for North Africa service from London Gatwick, reflected in recent schedule update. Planned frequency variations as follow.

London Gatwick – Algiers 05NOV19 – 15DEC19 Reduce from 6 to 5 weekly

London Gatwick – Marrakech eff 27OCT19 Increase from 8 weekly in W18 to 9 weekly (Except 05JAN20 – 14FEB20)

China Southern Guangzhou long-haul changes as of 03JUL19

China Southern in the last few days gradually filed operation changes for Northern winter 2019/20 season, effective from 27OCT19. The following focuses on the changes for long-haul operation out of Guangzhou. Additional changes expected in the next few weeks. Note all effective dates is based on Guangzhou departure.

Guangzhou – London Heathrow eff 27OCT19 787-9 continues to operate 1 daily, replacing previously filed 787-8

Wizz Air UK adds London – Stavanger service from mid-Sep 2019

Wizz Air UK from September 2019 plans to introduce London Luton – Stavanger service, on board Airbus A321 aircraft. Initially service operates 4 weekly from 16SEP19, reducing to 3 weekly from 28OCT19 (4 weekly also scheduled from 22DEC19 – 10JAN20).

Planned schedule from 16SEP19 to 25OCT19 as follows.

W98119 LTN1715 – 1955SVG 321 x246

W98120 SVG2030 – 2115LTN 321 x246

Separately, the airline’s new London Luton – Turku route is now sees 2 weekly A321 and 1 weekly A320, from 02JUL19 to 14SEP19. The airline previously scheduled 3 weekly A320 from 02JUL19.

Thomas Cook adds London Gatwick – Marrakech service

Thomas Cook Airlines in winter 2019/20 season plans to offer new route to Morocco, where the airline scheduled London Gatwick – Marrakech route. From 01NOV19 to 28APR20, Airbus A321 aircraft operates this route twice weekly.

MT260 LGW0600 – 1035RAK 32B 5

MT262 LGW0810 – 1245RAK 32B 2

MT261 RAK1135 – 1410LGW 32B 5

MT263 RAK1400 – 1635LGW 32B 2

Wizz Air UK W19 operation changes as of 04JUL19

Wizz Air UK (W9) in the last few weeks filed operational schedule and aircraft in the GDS and OAG, for winter 2019/20 season from 27OCT19. The following is a list of operation changes, based on comparison with winter 2018/19 season (W18) or summer 2019 (S19).

Note this list only focusing on changes to Wizz Air London UK operations, excluding Wizz Air overall service in the UK.

London Luton – Bari 2 weekly A320/321 (4 weekly A321 20DEC19 – 05JAN20; W18: A320)

London Luton – Belgrade 3 weekly A321 (4 weekly 22DEC19 – 10JAN20; W18: A320)

London Luton – Bergen 3 weekly A320 (4 weekly 22DEC19 – 10JAN20; S19: 4 weekly A321)

London Luton – Bourgas 2 weekly A321 (W18: 3 weekly A320)

London Luton – Catania 2 weekly A321 (3 weekly 19DEC19 – 07JAN20; S19: 3 weekly A320)

London Luton – Constanta 3 weekly A321 (W18: A320)

London Luton – Eilat (Ramon – Eilat) Service not offered in W19 (Ramon – Eilat Airport replaces Ovda Airport)

London Luton – Kaunas 5 weekly A321 (6 weekly from 24DEC19; W18: 6-7 weekly A320)

London Luton – Kosice 5 weekly A321 (7 weekly 20DEC19 – 05JAN20; W18: 7 weekly)

London Luton – Larnaca 9 weekly A321 (10 weekly 19DEC19 – 07JAN20; W18: 6 weekly)

London Luton – Lisbon 6 weekly A320 (7 weekly from 24DEC19; W18: 6-7 weekly A321)

London Luton – Ljubljana 3 weekly A321 (4 weekly from 22DEC19; W18: 4 weekly A320)

London Luton – Lublin 7 weekly A321 (8 weekly A321 and 1 weekly A320 22DEC19 – 05JAN20)

London Luton – Olsztyn-Mazury 2 weekly A321 (3 weekly 19DEC19 – 07JAN20; W18: A320)

London Luton – Oslo 6 weekly A321 (7 weekly 24DEC19 – 06JAN20; S19: 7 weekly A321)

London Luton – Palanga 2 weekly A320/321 (4 weekly from 20DEC19, 3 weekly from 08JAN20; W18: A321)

London Luton – Porto 2 weekly A320 (3 weekly 19DEC19 – 07JAN20; S19: 3 weekly A321)

London Luton – Poznan 5 weekly A320 / 2 weekly A321 (20DEC19 – 08JAN20 4 weekly A320 / 3 weekly A321; W18: Up to 8 weekly A320)

London Luton – Prague 5 weekly A320/321 (7 weekly A320 19DEC19 – 04JAN20; W18: A321)

London Luton – Pristina 3 weekly A320 (4 weekly 22DEC19 – 10JAN20; W18: 3-4 weekly)

London Luton – Satu Mare 2 weekly A320

London Luton – Suceava 7 weekly A320 / 2 weekly A321 (W18: A321)

London Luton – Stavanger 3 weekly A321 (4 weekly 22DEC19 – 10JAN20; S19: 4 weekly A321)

London Luton – Tallinn 2 weekly A320 (W18: 2-3 weekly; S19: A321)

London Luton – Tatry 2 weekly A321 (3 weekly 19DEC19 – 07JAN20; W18: A320/321)

London Luton – Thessaloniki 3 weekly A321 (4 weekly 22DEC19 – 10JAN20; S19: 4 weekly A321)

London Luton – Tirana 6 weekly A321 (7 weekly 24DEC19 – 04JAN20; W18: 4 weekly A320)

London Luton – Tirgu Mures 3 weekly A320 (W18: 3-4 weekly)

London Luton – Tromso 2 weekly A320 (A321 from 06JAN20)

London Luton – Turku 2 weekly A320 (3 weekly 19DEC19 – 07JAN20; S19: 3 weekly A320/321)

London Luton – Verona 2 weekly A320 (Seasonal service from 21DEC19, A321 from 07JAN20)

Asiana Airlines Long-Haul changes as of 04JUL19

Asiana Airlines this week adjusted additional long-haul service for winter 2019/20 season, effective 27OCT19. Planned changes as follow.

Seoul Incheon – London Heathrow eff 27OCT19 Reduce from 7 to 5 weekly (Day x13), A350-900XWB operating

Virgin Atlantic adds A350 New York JFK service from Sep 2019

Virgin Atlantic on Friday (05JUL19) opened reservation for its planned Airbus A350-1000XWB service, currently scheduled for London Heathrow – New York JFK route. From 10SEP19, the A350 operates 6 weekly flights, initially as VS153/138, switching to VS137/138 from 25SEP19.

Initially service operates 6 weekly. Additional A350-operating service will be filed in the next few weeks.

10SEP19 – 26OCT19 Day x4

27OCT19 – 28MAR20 Day x2 (Selected period sees service operates as Day x26 due to seasonal adjustment in 1Q20)

Following schedule effective 10SEP19 – 26OCT19.

VS153 LHR1330 – 1625JFK 351 x4 (until 24SEP19)

VS137 LHR1150 – 1450JFK 351 x4 (eff 25SEP19)

VS138 JFK1900 – 0720+1LHR 351 x4

Air India July – Oct 2019 UK service adjustments

Air India in late-June 2019 adjusted service on selected routes to the UK, including planned service resumption on Amritsar – Birmingham being delayed, while additional capacity for Mumbai – London service extended into the end of the season.

Mumbai – London Heathrow 01JUL19 – 26OCT19 777-300ER continues to operate during this period, replacing 787-8

AI131 BOM0630 – 1130LHR 77W D

AI130 LHR1315 – 0245+1BOM 77W D

Beijing Capital Qingdao – London inventory changes as of 05JUL19

Beijing Capital Airlines recently adjusted inventory update for Qingdao – London Heathrow for winter 2019/20 season. From 11NOV19 to 01DEC19, service is temporary suspended during this period. From 03JAN20, only full fare C/Y-class is available to booking the GDS, although flights are not listed on the airline’s website.

JD431 TAO1500 – 1950LHR 332 15

JD432 LHR2150 – 1650+1TAO 332 15

British Airways July 2019 Cairo aircraft changes

British Airways in last week’s schedule update filed aircraft changes for London Heathrow – Cairo route on temporary basis. From 09JUL19 to 19JUL19 (LHR departure), Airbus A321neo aircraft will replace Boeing 787-8 aircraft on this route, operating on daily basis.

BA155 LHR1715 – 2315CAI 32Q x57

BA155 LHR1715 – 2315CAI 32Q 57

BA154 CAI0800 – 1210LHR 32Q D

Thomas Cook adds one-time Seychelles service in Nov 2019

Thomas Cook Airlines in November 2019 scheduled one-time service on London Gatwick – Mahe Island (Seychelles) route, on board Airbus A330-200 aircraft. Planned schedule and operational day as follow.

MT3866 LGW0805 – 2155SEZ 332 14NOV19

MT3867 SEZ0055 – 0740LGW 332 15NOV19

British Airways Long-Haul changes as of 08JUL19

British Airways in last week’s schedule update filed additional changes to long-haul service for winter 2019/20 season, effective from 27OCT19. Following is the latest adjustment not covered on Airlineroute last week.

London Gatwick – New York JFK

14JAN20 – 10FEB20 Previously reported, service suspended during this period

24FEB20 – 08MAR20 3-class 226-seater 777-200ER replaces 336-seater

London Heathrow – Abu Dhabi 777-200ER replaces 787-9 during following period: 27OCT19 – 31DEC19 (Previously reported), 01MAR20 – 28MAR20

London Heathrow – Delhi BA143/142 4-class 777-200ER replaces 787-9 during following period: 13NOV19 – 22NOV19, 02FEB20 – 22FEB20, 26MAR20 – 28MAR20

London Heathrow – Mumbai Increase from 14 weekly to following (previously reported):

26DEC19 – 06FEB20 17 weekly, BA135/134 operated by 777-200ER

01MAR20 – 28MAR20 21 weekly, BA135/134 operated by 787-9

BA199/198 First Class reservation closed for travel on/after 06NOV19

London Heathrow – Shanghai Pu Dong 24DEC19 – 07FEB20 Reduce from 10 to 7 weekly

Virgin Atlantic schedules limited-time A330-200 Boston service in Dec 2019

Virgin Atlantic during the month of December 2019 scheduled limited-time Airbus A330-200 service from London Heathrow, currently assigned on London Heathrow – Boston route. The A330-200 is scheduled to operate VS011/012 service on 17DEC19 and 18DEC19, instead of A330-300/787-9.

VS011 LHR1635 – 1925BOS 332

VS012 BOS2150 – 0930+1LHR 332

British Airways Beijing airport changes from late-Oct 2019

British Airways in the last 24 hours filed service changes for London Heathrow – Beijing route, as the airline announced it’ll operate service to/from Beijing Daxing (PKX), replacing existing service at Beijing Capital (PEK). Boeing 787-9 operates this route for winter season, 777-300ER in summer.

First flight departing for Beijing Daxing is scheduled on 27OCT19 from LHR. Reservation is now available.

BA039 LHR1615 – 1025+1PKX 789 D

BA038 PKX1210 – 1525LHR 789 D

China Southern July/August 2019 Zhengzhou – London aircraft changes

China Southern Airlines since last week adjusted operational aircraft for Zhengzhou – London Heathrow route, served twice a week. From 02JUL19 to 27AUG19, this route is operated by Airbus A330, replacing Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner.

Operational schedule as follows.

CZ653 CGO1610 – 2010LHR 330 26

CZ654 LHR2210 – 1520+1CGO 330 26

British Airways Mumbai service changes as of 11JUL19

British Airways around Wednesday (10JUL19) filed additional changes to London Heathrow – Mumbai route, for winter 2019/20 season. From 06NOV19, BA199/198 service to be operated by 3-class 777-200ER, instead of 4-class aircraft. The 3-class aircraft originally scheduled to commence on 29MAR20.

BA139 LHR0945 – 0015+1BOM 777 D

BA199 LHR2040 – 1115+1BOM 777 D

BA138 BOM0215 – 0655LHR 777 D

BA198 BOM1315 – 1755LHR 777 D

Previously reported, BA is gradually increasing overall service to Mumbai, with 17 weekly flights from 26DEC19 to 06FEB20 (LHR departure), with 4-class 777-200ER operating 3 times a week as BA135/134. From 01MAR20, BA135/134 will operate daily with 787-9 (777-200ER from 29MAR20)

Uzbekistan Airways schedules limited Boeing 767 London service Aug – Oct 2019

Uzbekistan Airways between August and October 2019 scheduled Boeing 767 service on Tashkent – London Heathrow route, on selected dates. A total of 5 round-trip flights will be operated by Boeing 767, replacing 757-200. Planned 767 operational date and schedule as follows.

August 2019: 16

September 2019: 13

October 2019: 04, 11, 18

HY201 TAS1620 – 2000LHR EQV 25

HY202 LHR2135 – 0825+1TAS EQV 25

Air China W19 Long-Haul changes as of 12JUL19

Air China today (12JUL19) filed additional changes to its long-haul operation for winter 2019/20 season. At time this post goes to press, the following are the changes already reflected in the GDS. Additional changes expected in the next few weeks.

Beijing Capital – London Heathrow eff 27OCT19 CA855/856 A330-300 replaces A350-900XWB. Overall 7 weekly 777-300ER and 10 weekly A330-200

Delta Long-Haul service changes as of 14JUL19

Delta Air Lines in the last few weeks gradually filed changes to its Northern winter 2019/20 long-haul operation, from the weekend of 26OCT19. Planned changes as of 14JUL19 as follows.

Detroit – London Heathrow eff 01JAN20 Reduce from 2 to 1 daily

Minneapolis/St. Paul – London Heathrow 767-300ER replaced by following:

26OCT19 – 07DEC19 A330-300 (A330-200 22NOV19 – 30NOV19)

eff 08DEC19 A330-200

Salt Lake City – London Heathrow eff 01JAN20 Service extended to winter season, operating 1 daily with A330-200 (5 weekly 27JAN20 – 11FEB20. DL last operated winter service for entire season in W16/17)

flyBe network changes from Sep 2019

flyBe in the last few weeks gradually updated its operation for winter 2019/20 season, effective from 27OCT19. Announced by the airline earlier this year, the airline is closing following Cardiff and Doncaster/Sheffield base, while reduces Exeter base operation.

All changes is based on schedule listing up to 15JUL19, based on comparison with historical schedules. Note selected changes will take place from late-August 2019, and this post includes changes to service operated by franchise carriers.

Planned changes to flyBe franchise carriers for winter 2019/20 season:

London Southend – Antwerp Last flight on 30AUG19 (Stobart Air service)

London Southend – Caen Service temporary suspended from 07JAN20 to 09FEB20 (Stobart Air service). Flights on/after 10FEB20 re-opened

easyJet schedules new routes in

easyJet last week opened reservation for 33 new routes (including service resumptions) for winter 2019/20 season, gradually in effect from 28OCT19. The new season sees the airline offering new service to Marsa Alam in Egypt, resuming service to Tangier (Last served from Paris until May 2014, Madrid until January 2012), while expanding service to Agadir, Aqaba, Hurghada and Marrakech.

Following routes introduced during summer 2019 season will be maintained in winter 2019/20 season:

Paris CDG – London Southend 5 weekly A319/320 (4 weekly in S19)

Other service increase for North Africa/Middle East markets in W19:

London Gatwick – Aqaba Increase from 1 to 2 weekly

easyJet schdules A321neo Bristol / Paris service

easyJet in recent schedule update filed additional routes to be operated by Airbus A321neo aircraft, for winter 2019/20 season. Based on current listing, the 235-seater A321neo to operate service to/from Bristol and Paris CDG. Further changes remain likely.

Paris CDG – London Gatwick eff 29FEB20 A321neo operates on Saturdays as U28322/8323

U28322 CDG0715 – 0730LGW 321 6

U28323 LGW0810 – 1030CDG 321 6

Pakistan International adds Sialkot – London Heathrow service from Sep 2019

Pakistan International Airlines earlier this month announced the addition of Sialkot – London Heathrow service, operating once a week. First flight from London is scheduled on 10SEP19, Sialkot on 11SEP19. Initially service is operated by 329-seater 777-200ER, switching to 393-seater 777-300ER from the following week.

PK777 SKT1015 – 1450LHR 773 3

PK778 LHR1825 – 0625+1SKT 773 2

With this new addition, existing Karachi – London Heathrow service will be reduced from 2 to 1 weekly.

Thai Airways International London preliminary changes

Thai Airways International in recent schedule update filed preliminary schedule for Bangkok – London Heathrow route during summer 2020 season, from 29MAR20. Based on preliminary listing, TG910/911 is listed as 777-300ER service for entire summer season, replacing Airbus A380.

Further changes anticipated in the next few months.

TG910 BKK0055 – 0715LHR 773 D

TG916 BKK1240 – 1845LHR 773 D

TG911 LHR1230 – 0600+1BKK 773 D

TG917 LHR2125 – 1500+1BKK 773 D

Air Canada / Air Canada Rouge Long-Haul changes as of 16JUL19

Air Canada in the last few weeks filed additional changes to its long-haul operation for winter 2019/20 season, including service operated by Air Canada rouge. Latest adjustment as of 16JUL19 as follows.

Vancouver – London Heathrow 27OCT19 – 16DEC19 787-9 replaces 777-300ER (787-9 in W18 operated in November only)

Air China Beijing – London preliminary changes as of 16JUL19

Air China in recent schedule update filed preliminary changes for Beijing Capital – London Heathrow route in summer 2020 season, from 29MAR20. Preliminary listing currently displaying CA787/788 service operated by Airbus A350-900XWB aircraft, instead of A330. This would see the Star Alliance carrier operating this route 1 daily with 777-300ER, 2 daily with A350.

Further changes anticipated in the next few months.

CA787 PEK0735 – 1150LHR 359 D

CA937 PEK1410 – 1745LHR 773 D

CA855 PEK1625 – 2040LHR 359 D

CA788 LHR1500 – 0815+1PEK 359 D

CA938 LHR2025 – 1305+1PEK 773 D

CA856 LHR2240 – 1525+1PEK 359 D

Garuda Indonesia London service changes from mid-July 2019

Garuda Indonesia yesterday (16JUL19) adjusted operation for London Heathrow, which sees existing 3 weekly 777-300ER Jakarta – London Heathrow – Denpasar being revised to Denpasar – Medan Kuala Namu – London Heathrow routing. First flight of the revised routing on 16JUL19 operated by A330-200, switching to 777-300ER from 18JUL19, and switches back to A330-200 from 08AUG19 (except selected dates).

The airline has local traffic rights for Medan Kuala Namu – London sector. Following schedule is effective from 18JUL19 to 06AUG19.

GA086 DPS0810 – 1110KNO1240 – 2000LHR 777 246

GA087 LHR2145 – 1625+1KNO1755+1 – 2220+1DPS 777 246

This routing is maintained in Northern winter 2019/20 season, from 27OCT19. extends London Stansted – Malta service to year-round

British carrier in recent weeks adjusted London Stansted – Malta route, where the airline plans to extend to year-round operation, instead of summer seasonal. From 27OCT19, the winter 2019/20 season sees the airline operates one weekly flight, with Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

LS1519 STN0600 – 1020MLA 738 6

LS1520 MLA1105 – 1335STN 738 6

Aeroflot/Rossiya St. Petersburg – London aircraft changes from Oct 2019

Aeroflot Russian Airlines from October 2019 is adjusting operational aircraft on St. Petersburg – London Gatwick route, operated by Rossiya Airlines. From 01OCT19, Rossiya Airbus A320 aircraft will operate this route on daily basis, replacing Airbus A319 aircraft.

Following schedule is effective 27OCT19.

SU6619 LED1415 – 1445LGW 320 D

SU6620 LGW1610 – 2225LED 320 D

AerLingus accelerates Shannon – London A321neo LR debut to mid-Mar 2020

AerLingus in recent schedule update moved forward Airbus A321neo LR operations on Shannon – London Heathrow route. Previously scheduled from 29MAR20, the A321neo LR is now scheduled to operate from 13MAR20, initially 3 times a week as EI380/381.

EI380 SNN0735 – 0915LHR 32Q 135

EI380 SNN0735 – 0915LHR 320 x135

EI384 SNN1255 – 1430LHR 320 D

EI386 SNN1725 – 1850LHR 320 D

EI381 LHR1000 – 1130SNN 32Q 135

EI381 LHR1000 – 1130SNN 320 x135

EI385 SNN1520 – 1645SNN 320 D

EI387 SNN1935 – 2100SNN 320 D

Stobart Air W19 London Southend – Caen update as of 19JUL19

flyBe franchise carrier Stobart Air last week filed additional changes to London Southend – Caen route for winter 2019/20 season. Previously reported, this route will be discontinued on 06JAN20, which is no longer accurate. Stobart Air will temporary suspend this route from 06JAN20 to 09FEB20.

Service is operated by ATR72 aircraft 4 times a week.

BE6050 SEN1140 – 1345CFR AT7 x236

BE6051 CFR1410 – 1410SEN AT7 x236

British Airways moves forward A350 Dubai service to Sep 2019

British Airways last Friday accelerated planned Airbus A350-1000XWB service on London Heathrow – Dubai route, previously scheduled from 08OCT19. The A350 is now scheduled to operate this route as BA107/106 from 02SEP19, initially 5 times a week. Planned A350-operating frequencies in September and October 2019 as follows.

02SEP19 – 13SEP19 Day x67

14SEP19 – 30SEP19 Daily

08OCT19 – 26OCT19 Daily

Ethiopian Airlines 4Q19 London frequency variations

Ethiopian Airlines in the 4th quarter of 2019 plans to adjust Addis Ababa – London Heathrow route, currently served 10 weekly. From 31OCT19 to 10DEC19, the airline will operate 7 weekly flights, instead of 10. Airbus A350-900XWB operates this route.

ET700 ADD0120 – 0635LHR 350 x1

ET710 ADD0845 – 1400LHR 350 1

ET701 LHR2015 – 0655+1ADD 350 x3

ET701 LHR2055 – 0735+1ADD 350 3

American Airlines Los Angeles – London operation changes as of 21JUL19

American Airlines around mid-April 2019 filed additional changes to Los Angeles – London Heathrow service for winter 2019/20 season. Planned 1 of 2 daily service operated by Boeing 777-200ER, instead of -300ER, remains unchanged, however the -200ER variant will be operating on various flights in winter 2019/20 season.

Although aircraft changes occurred since mid-April 2019, these adjustments remain unchanged during the weekend of 21JUL19's schedule update:

AA136/135 777-200ER replaces 777-300ER: 27OCT19 – 02NOV19, 06JAN20 – 27MAR20

AA108/109 777-200ER replaces 777-300ER: 03NOV19 – 17DEC19

AA108 LAX1825 – 1310+1LHR 77W D

AA136 LAX1935 – 1420+1LHR 772 D

AA109 LHR1130 – 1500LAX 77W D

AA135 LHR1310 – 1655LAX 772 D

AA136/135 is also scheduled to be operated by 777-200ER on/after 29MAR20, based on current listing.

Norwegian US service adjustment

Norwegian in late-June 2019 announced planned Trans-Atlantic service changes for winter 2019/20 season. Following routes will be converted from year-round to summer-seasonal service.

London Gatwick – Chicago O’Hare*

London Gatwick – Denver

As of 22JUL19, routes marked with * represents this route is currently not open for booking summer 2020 season

Following routes will be permanently cancelled:

London Gatwick – Las Vegas

BA CityFlyer W19 service adjustments as of 24JUL19

BA CityFlyer on Wednesday (24JUL19) filed frequency changes for winter 2019/20 season from London City. Planned changes as follows, from 27OCT19.

Service incraese:

London City – Berlin Tegel Increase from 20 to 24 weekly

London City – Dublin Increase from 32 to 36 weekly

London City – Edinburgh Increase from 53 to 58 weekly

London City – Florence Increase from 8 to 13 weekly

London City – Glasgow Increase from 34 to 35 weekly

Service reduction:

London City – Geneva Reduce from 16 to 6 weekly (No operations from 27OCT19 to 29NOV19, additional reduced frequency in December 2019)

London City – Reykjavik Keflavik Seasonal 2 weekly flights cancelled in winter

London City – Rotterdam Reduce from 36-37 to 26 weekly

London City – Zurich Reduce from 27 to 22 weekly

British Airways reduces Reykjavik service

British Airways in recent schedule update filed service changes for London Heathrow – Reykjavik Keflavik service, for winter 2019/20 season. Overall frequency has been reduced from 27OCT19, from 11 to 7 weekly.

BA894 LHR0710 – 1025KEF 32S 6

BA894 LHR0815 – 1130KEF 32S 357

BA894 LHR0845 – 1200KEF 32S 4

BA894 LHR0905 – 1220KEF 32S 1

BA894 LHR0925 – 1240KEF 32S 2

BA895 KEF1125 – 1435LHR 32S 6

BA895 KEF1225 – 1535LHR 32S 7

BA895 KEF1235 – 1545LHR 32S 35

BA895 KEF1300 – 1610LHR 32S 4

BA895 KEF1315 – 1650LHR 32S 1

BA895 KEF1340 – 1650LHR 32S 2

SAS schedules 737-600 service until Dec 2019

SAS in recent schedule update filed Boeing 737-600 operation, currently filed until 01DEC19. The following is a list of last SAS 737-600 operation on various routes, between 27OCT19 and 01DEC19. Additional changes remain highly possible.

Stockholm Arlanda – London Heathrow 05NOV19

Etihad London service changes

Etihad Airways in winter 2019/20 season is increasing Abu Dhabi – London Heathrow service, which sees the airline opens reservation for 4th daily flight today, for travel on/after 27OCT19. Based on the airline’s press release, EY025/026 will be operated by A380, while EY017/018 switches from A380 to Boeing 787-9.

EY011 AUH0235 – 0645LHR 388 D

EY019 AUH0805 – 1205LHR 388 D

EY025 AUH1045 – 1450LHR 388 D

EY017 AUH1340 – 1745LHR 789 D

EY012 LHR0900 – 1955AUH 388 D

EY020 LHR1405 – 0100+1AUH 388 D

EY026 LHR2000 – 0700+1AUH 388 D

EY018 LHR2105 – 0805+1AUH 789 D

At time this post goes to press, EY017/018 continues to display A380 aircraft, although P/F/A/R-fare class is closed for booking for EY017. Announcement from the press release will be shortly reflected in the GDS.

Data compiled by Leo Martin

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