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The new Prime Minister's Prime Tasks

Tomorrow (Tuesday July 23, 2019) the result of the vote for a new Conservative Leader will be announced. As well as party leader, since the Conservatives won the right to govern the UK, either Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt will also become Prime Minister.

Whatever one may think of the system or the two candidates, at every general election, the UK elects a party to run the country on behalf if its citizens. Rightly or wrongly, the UK does not elect a Prime Minister - just the party. It is that party's members who elect their leader. Perhaps it is time to change that system but this is a discussion for another time. The new Prime Minister has a number of urgent tasks to undertake, Brexit being the most obvious.

But he and his ministers also have to run this country for us - that is why we, as citizens, gave them their jobs.

One of those tasks is to put right the shocking discrimination routinely practised against older people in the UK. There are many, many examples of this discrimination and they are rife across the country. Mr. Johnson, Mr. Hunt - whichever one of you becomes our Prime Minister, here is the challenge from KJM Today; end age discrimination.

You must do so because discrimination of any kind is wrong. And as far as age goes, getting older is mandatory. As we have repeatedly said, you cannot vote it away; you cannot revoke it; you cannot delay it; you cannot stop it.

Barring illness or injury, everybody will get old. Including you.

You can read more on age discrimination and why it has grown across the UK in our contributor Kevan James' book, 'Comments of a Common Man', available from Amazon at just £9.99. This is a book that should be read by everybody.

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