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American Airlines Announces Schedule of Final MD-80 Revenue Flights

On September 4, American Airlines will retire its last twenty-six McDonnell Douglas MD-80 aircraft. The MD-80, also known as the Super 80, was the workhorse of the airline’s fleet from the early 1980s and beyond, and was seen across the airline's US domestic network. At its height, American operated 228 MD82 variants with an additional thirty-two of the MD83 type, a staggering total of 260 aircraft. With the first arriving in May 1983, after thirty-six years of flying the 'Mad Dog' as it is affectionately nick-named, a well-earned retirement beckons as American celebrates the aircraft’s history while modernising its fleet.

American's first order was for just twenty examples and all were delivered by the end of 1983 but the type had proved itself so ideal for the airline that in 1984, an astounding 167 were ordered (67 firm and 100 options). The order revitalised sales of the McDonnell Douglas twin-jet and at the time was the largest single order by any US airline. American's MD83s began to arrive in 1987.

Below is the schedule announced by American of the final revenue flights on the “Mad Dog” before their desert farewell ferry flights to Roswell, New Mexico (ROW). All schedules are subject to change based on operational needs.

Flight Date Departs from: Time Arrives at: Time

1449 Sept. 3 GRR 1425 DFW 1606

2372 Sept. 3 SAT 1955 DFW 2110

2257 Sept. 3 MSY 1943 DFW 2122

1010 Sept. 3 DFW 2034 STL 2218

267 Sept. 3 DFW 2226 TUL 2329

2454 Sept. 4 ICT 0500 DFW 0615

2180 Sept. 4 AMA 0500 DFW 0618

2232 Sept. 4 LBB 0500 DFW 0627