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This is Democracy

There are those, and plenty of them, who are highly critical of the planned demonstration today in central London, but one also has to stop a moment and consider that a little more. In a democracy such as we have in the United Kingdom, it is the right of everybody, should they so feel the need, to demonstrate for or against something. Kevan James takes a look at the events in London as United States President Donald Trump continues with his state visit to the United Kingdom.

President Trump has many critics, both in the UK and the USA but one thing that sets both countries apart from some others is the right of people to show their support or otherwise and in the UK, that includes the right to demonstrate against the US President during his visit here.

Is it 'right' to suggest that so many people are against the President? Perhaps, in the interests of fairness, that's not for me to say. At least not here, not now.

Certainly as I made my way through London's streets this morning, there were plenty of people suitably armed with placards heading for the same place, with even more going about their daily business and one of the most refreshing things about the UK is that, for the most part, whatever their views on Donald Trump, most people, most of the time, will happily chat amiably, sometimes with passion, often with very forceful argument, over whatever the subject may be. But once done, again for the most part, people will agree to disagree. President Trump is without doubt like Marmite - you either like him or you don't; there seems little in between. Having never met the US President, I can't say either way but the fact remains that he is the elected leader of the UK's closest ally. One of the points made in a number of speeches today was that the UK is, or should, also be as close an ally of the EU as it is of the USA, a point that I have made previously and it is also thus a fact that the divisions that are currently present should not be there.

Again I have made my views known before so I shall not repeat them now.