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Aviation: Heathrow proposes ULEZ

Proposals have been put forward to implement an ultra-low emissions zone (ULEZ) around London Heathrow Airport. Charges will be made to discourage drivers of the most polluting vehicles from entering the zone, which will include the airport's car parks and terminal drop-off areas. Although precise details of the scheme are yet to emerge, it is expected that drivers of pre-Euro 4 petrol-powers vehicles (those manufactured before 2006) and pre-Euro 6 diesels (made before 2016) will have to pay a fee of between £10 and £15 to enter the zone. Drivers of black taxis will be exempted from paying the fees, but not those driving mini-cabs and Ubers. The rules and charges are in line with the similar ULEZ that is being implemented in central London.

Heathrow plans to charge the drivers of the most polluting vehicles between £10 and £15 to access the airport starting in 2022, with the fees extended to all vehicles in 2026.

The Heathrow ULEZ is likely to be implemented in 2022, and will be extended to become a wider vehicle access charge four years later in 2026, when the airport's third runway is forecast to open. At that time, any vehicle used around on inside the airport boundary will attract the charge regardless of the emissions it produces.

Heathrow Chief Executive John Holland-Kaye said: “Heathrow Expansion is not a choice between the economy and the environment – we must deliver for both. Today’s announcement shows that we will take the tough decisions to ensure that the airport grows responsibly.”

Managers at the airport have described the ULEZ as a bold step to combat emissions and climate change, ahead of the launch of public consultation on plans to construct the airport's third runway.

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