Who matters - The People or Parliament?

March 21, 2019

There seems little to gain by commening every day, or even frequently, on the mess that is now Brexit.

There is no doubt that both the UK parliament and the EU commission have made a complete hash of it, putting their own, narrow ideology before anything else. By now, the UK should have ceased its membership, be thriving independently of the EU, yet standing alongside it as a partner nation. And those who believe the UK should be in membership should also be free to campaign to rejoin at some point.

After the Prime Minister's speech last night, she has been accused of pitting the people against parliament; but hasn't parliament pitted itself against the people? A gentle reminder - a majority of those who voted in the EU referendum voted to leave. 

That is fact and parliament has a duty to follow the will of the majority. 

Other than to say that, in our view, parliament has betrayed the country, we will reserve any further comment on the subject until we see where we are in a week.

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May 21, 2020

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