News: Carlisle airport schedule released

March 4, 2019

A schedule for flights to the United Kingdom's newest airport has been unveiled.  Loganair is offering single round trips from Carlisle Lake District Airport (CAX) to Belfast City, Dublin and London Southend airports starting on July 4.


Carlisle Airport is owned by the Stobart Group, which also has interests in surface transport and logistics.  The firm's aviation division announced plans to redevelop the site with the aim of securing scheduled flights in 2015.  The project was supported by Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) that pledged £4.95m to the redevelopment of the airport.


It was initially expected that services to Belfast, Dublin and London would commence the following year.  However a series of setbacks resulted in delays to the completion of the upgraded facilities and problems recruiting air traffic controllers caused further postponement of the launch.  More recently reopening was announced for June 4, 2018 but again the date was put back, initially until September 3, 2018 and then the Spring of 2019.  The services, which are now proposed to start on July 4, are fewer originally expected with no flights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and reduced frequency on the route to London.  Loganair is planning to use a Saab 340B turboprop on the routes.


Kate Willard, Stobart Group's director of partnership development said: “The team have been working around the clock and have been amazing since the very start of the project... Despite the delays, the last commercial flights at Carlisle Lake District Airport were in 1993 and we are chuffed that we are bringing them back to the region for the first time in more than 25 years."


Loganair's managing director Jonathan Hinkles added: "These air services will significantly benefit the overall Carlisle and Borderlands region, attracting thousands of tourists and enhancing connectivity for those wishing to do business at both ends of the routes."


Belfast City
LM633 CAX 10:50 BHD 11:40 SF3 - Mon
LM633 CAX 11:40 BHD 12:30 SF3 - except Mon, Tue, Wed

LM634 BHD 12:10 CAX 13:20 SF3 - Mon
LM634 BHD 13:00 CAX 13:50 SF3 - except Mon, Tue, Wed

LM635 CAX 07:10 DUB 08:25 SF3 - Fri, Sat
LM635 CAX 08:00 DUB 09:15 SF3 - Thu, Sun
LM635 CAX 13:40 DUB 14:55 SF3 - Mon

LM636 DUB 08:55 CAX 10:10 SF3 - Fri, Sat
LM636 DUB 09:45 CAX 11:00 SF3 - Thu, Sun
LM636 DUB 15:25 CAX 16:40 SF3 - Mon

London Southend
LM601 CAX 07:00 SEN 08:25 SF3 - Mon
LM607 CAX 14:20 SEN 15:45 SF3 - Thu, Fri, Sun

LM602 SEN 08:55 CAX 10:20 SF3 - Mon
LM608 SEN 16:15 CAX 17:40 SF3 - Thu, Fri, Sun


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