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The Other Things in Life

As political paralysis continues to grip government, it is worth pointing out that despite the urgency if dealing with the exit (or otherwise) of the UK from the EU, those charged with the responsibility of running the country are taking their eye off the ball regarding the multitude of tasks required for doing so properly.

It might not make a huge difference in the greater scheme of things but we here at KJM Today will make a point of covering, in our limited way, some of those very things, items of news that might not rank too highly in the minds of ministers, but do matter to those who gave MPs their jobs – the ordinary voter and citizen.

Also making a debut is ‘The Interview’ – exclusive conversations between KJM Today and those who are the movers and shakers of life. Perhaps some of our guests may not be the most well-known people but they are nonetheless involved somewhere in some aspect of our lives at some time.

As always, we welcome your comments so please do put thumb to pad, fingers to keyboard or even pen to paper and email us with your views on what our writers and guests are saying.

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